Announcing Push. Click. Touch.

April 27, 2008 | Comment?

Surprise! After a month of deliberating and a weekend of tweaking WordPress, I’ve changed History of the Button to a new blog name, “Push. Click. Touch.” New name, new server, new layout, expanded focus. It’s “fun” to tweak WordPress, but now it’s time to get back to writing.

So why would I do this? What compelled me to change the name of a blog that people surprisingly paid attention to? After all, switching is a branding nightmare. The “History of the Button” name is out there, just odd enough to throw people off guard and remember it. I see the danger. I’ve been around the tech block long enough to know that brand is a dangerous thing to toss aside.

But it felt like I painted myself into a corner. The hyperfocus of History of the Button was both boon and bane. The tight lens allowed for some really interesting exploration. However, I never felt as if I could veer away from it. I couldn’t comment on experience design in general, react to the writing of others, because it didn’t fall under the scope of History of the Button. It’s the name of a project, not a platform.

Of course, this is only my perception. If I wanted to comment on Andrew Hinton’s closing talk at the IA Summit, would anybody blink if it was published under the banner of History of the Button? I really doubt it, but it was still getting in my way. Time to rethink my mission here!

Welcome to Push. Click. Touch.

My goal here is to expand upon and evolve the focus of History of the Button, to think broader than how we got to where we are as a profession, but to also explore its context and think about its future. Interaction design and experience design in general are fascinating fields to work in right now, and will be for some time. I look forward to contributing to that.

I’ve also collected here writings from my previous blog Fluxion, which was active from 2001-2004. For the first time, all my writings are under one roof, which feels good.

Enjoy. Comment away. Let me know what you think, or if you spot any problems.


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