You snooze, you lose

January 14, 2008 | 3 Comments

There’s a new brilliant yet deliciously evil button in town.

Do you like to sleep in? Slap the snooze button a few times? Is it worth ten dollars for each lazy slap of the snooze button?


The SnuzNLuz gets your butt out of bed with the simple tradeoff of sleep for hatred. With every push of the snooze button, the SnuzNLuz will deduct ten dollars (or more) from your bank account and donate to an organization that you detest. That could be the Republican Party, PETA, ACLU, NRA, anything opposite to your politics.

That will wake you right up.

You can find it at Think Geek.

Sigh… This was an April’s Fool Joke, and I’ve been had. This clock doesn’t exist. Don’t worry, you won’t be donated to your favorite hated charity by snoozing.


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